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turn of the century ceiling fans

The Turn of the Century company has a stylish line of ceiling fans that offer you efficient cooling capabilities and quality craftsmanship. Its indoor ceiling fans will fit in any interior decor and are designed to complement any room size. Its down rod have been designed to supply sufficient air in a high-ceiling room while its low-profile fans would work well in a low-ceiling room. They also have dual mount fans that can be positioned perfectly even without the need of a down rod.

The company has many options for ceiling fans that will suit any. They even have industrial and outdoor ceiling fans. Most of these fans come with a ceiling fan light to illuminate your living spaces. As you can see, there are many options to choose from when considering buying Turn of the Century ceiling fan. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a buying guide to assist you to pick the ideal turn of the century ceiling fan.

Turn of the Century Ashton Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Turn of the Century Ashton Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

With the light fixture and wingspan of 52 inches, you simply cannot go wrong with this ceiling fan. The first thing which you will notice about this fan is the crafting quality. The blades are perfectly crafted which ensures durability and a stylish design. Moreover, the ceiling fan is created using brushed nickel which ensures that it is highly durable. In addition to that, the light fixture consists of opal glass for an enhanced aesthetic look.

With the light source consisting of 100 watts, you can be sure that it is the perfect lighting fixture for small rooms. Moreover, in order to control all of its functions, the ceiling fan comes with a remote control that allows you to control its settings comfortably from wherever you are located in the room. It is one of the very few fans which also have a reverse feature where you can program the fan to spin in the opposite direction, depending on if you want warmer or colder air circulation. All in all, when you consider the accessories included as well as the versatility of the fan, this is one is a fantastic option.

Turn of the Century Grand Haven Ceiling Fan

Turn of the Century Grand Haven Ceiling Fan

In case, you’re looking for a ceiling fan with even wider wingspan, this one features 62 inches of wingspan and may be your perfect solution for efficient air circulation in large rooms in your home. It incorporates LED light which provides you with much higher illumination as compared to any other type of bulb. The blades of this unit come in 2 different shades that include dark elm and warm cherry. Moreover, for a stylish look and to shield, there is a frosted glass to protect the light fixture. With 3 different speed settings, you can easily use the fan at a speed that is convenient for you.

One thing which you will instantly notice about this fan is that it is quiet. Even in smaller rooms, you will not hear it make any noise. One of the best things about this unit is that it works both flawlessly and quietly in any room, regardless of size. Therefore, the motor spins the 8 blades to generate the ideal amount of airflow for any room. It also incorporates the so-called reverse mode if you want to reverse the spin direction. With the help of the remote control, you will be able to control all the functions of the ceiling fan easily. In case, you’re looking for a ceiling fan for larger rooms, you should consider this Grand Haven ceiling fan.

Turn of the Century Tempo Ceiling Fan

Turn of the Century Tempo Ceiling Fan

One thing which you will instantly notice about this ceiling fan is the presence of multiple lights. As a result, you can be sure that illumination is more than sufficient in large rooms. With the blade diameter of 52 inches, the blades are able to generate excellent air circulation. The shade used in this ceiling fan is frosted white glass with black rosewood finishing and the fan features a brushed nickel fixture.

The unique selling point of this fan is the 3 lights that are incorporated in the fan and the bulbs needed are 60 W candelabra base bulbs. These bulbs provide you with more than enough light to cover any kind of medium to large sized room. Along with the fan, you will also get the hardware kit in order to install it. Therefore, installing is not a big issue and you even receive a proper instruction manual to make the installation process easier.

Turn of the Century Manchester Cage Light Ceiling Fan

Turn of the Century Manchester Cage Light Ceiling Fan

With a wingspan of 52 inches and caged lights, this fan is highly efficient as compared to similarly priced fans. As the fan incorporates 3 different sources of light, the lighting is sufficient to illuminate medium to large sized room. There are metal shades included for enhanced durability and the fan comes with 3 bulbs right out of the box. Additionally, it comes with 5 stylish and durable blades that guarantee comfortable airflow circulation. The fan comes along with a light and has fully reversible blades which make it versatile since you will be able to control the spin direction during winter. You can choose between the dark maple Bronze finish or the natural wood finish of the wings.

Turn of the Century Midori Ceiling Fan

Turn of the Century Midori Ceiling Fan

The Midori 52-inch ceiling fan from Turn of the Century features an oil rubbed bronze fixture and has five blades made of burnt maple and light oak. The Light Oak is on one side while the Burnt Maple is on another. Therefore, you have the option to flip the blades if you want to change color. Each of the blades is 52 inches long that provides excellent air circulation with the help of the powerful, but quiet motor. Additionally, the blades along with the fan are polished for enhanced style in the room. The shade of the fan is designed as a frosted white bowl that offers a stylistic contrast to the rest of the fan. Midori 52-inch ceiling fan also comes with a remote control for added convenience, energy saving bulbs for enhanced energy savings and a three speed reversible motor for flawless functionality Otherwise, you can switch it on and off or control its speed with a pull-chain.

It does not matter where you mount the Midori ceiling fan because it will look great and work efficiently in any room you install it. Therefore, you can enjoy it during hot seasons to cool the air or reverse the motor during the winter to rotate the indoor warm air. That way, you will enjoy comfortable air circulation and also lower your heating bills. The motor comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects while the other parts carry a one-year warranty.

Midori Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Midori Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Our next pick comes with five blades that feature walnut colour on one side and maple color on the other side. The rest of the fan is made of brushed nickel while the shade is made of a frosted white bow that matches well with the brushed nickel attachments. The combination of walnut, nickel, and maple matches the décor of any contemporary room. The blades are long enough and are built to enhance air circulation even in large rooms. In addition, the fan comes with two 13-watt CFL light bulbs that will bring your utility bill even more down. Also, the fan comes with a remote control for enhanced convenience of controlling the fan wherever you are in the room. Otherwise, you can use the easy pull-chain to control the fan. The fan is very quiet, reversible, and comes in the three-speed configuration for enhanced functionality.

This fan is ideal for any living space whether the dining room, great room or the bedroom thanks to its quiet motor and the beautifully polished design. The reversible motor makes the fan useful during the cold weather as it can be reversed to circulate warm air across the room. This helps to distribute heat across the room and lower your energy bill. The motor comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the residential use while the parts have a one-year warranty. The fan is easy to install thanks to easy-to-follow step-by-step manual.

The Lanyard Bronze Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan

The Lanyard Bronze Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan

Here is another quality and stylish Turn of the Century ceiling fan that comes with a lighting kit. It has five ebony blades which are made of plastic and clear seeded glass. The seeded glass is fitted with three 60-watt bulbs that can provide sufficient light in any room in the house. The 52-inch-long blades and the three 60-watt bulbs deliver ideal air circulation and enough illumination for medium to large rooms. The rest of the fan is made of polished bronze that matches well with most of the contemporary style in many homes. Moreover, the fan comes with a remote control for added convenience. Alternatively, you can control the light and the fan with the use of the pull-chain feature.

The three-speed motor provides extra comfort where you can program the airflow to match your mood every time. You can also reverse the spin direction of the blades so it to be used during the winter to circulate warm air around the room. That way, you can enjoy the fan throughout the year. The Lanyard 52″ bronze traditional ceiling fan is damp rated and therefore ideal for use even in covered porch areas. The parts come with a one-year warranty while the motor comes with a limited lifetime warranty for residential use. This fan is easy to install and use. It comes with clear instructions in a manual along with different mounting options.

Turn of the Century Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Before investing in a Turn of the Century ceiling fan, there are a number of things to look into. The first one is the fan and blade size. The smallest blade is 32 inches while the largest one is 62 inches. Choosing the right blade size will ensure you get the perfect sweep for your room. Bigger rooms would require a larger fan and vice versa.

Room Size

Small rooms like laundry rooms and bathrooms that occupy less than 80 sq.ft would do well with a 36-inch blade span. Medium office rooms and guest bedrooms of between 100 and 150 sq.ft would do well with blade spans of between 36 and 48 inches. A standard living room of between 150 and 300 sq.ft would need a blade span of between 48 and 54 inches. A larger room that is more than 300 sq.ft would require a 62-inch blade span. Choose the appropriate size to ensure that it performs well in your room. Have in mind that you need to consider the height of the ceiling as well.

Installation Types

The second aspect you will have to consider involves the installation type. The various installation types you will get with these fans include down rod, dual mount, flush mount, and tri-mount. The flush mount works well for rooms that have low ceiling heights of 9 feet and below. With this mount, there will be no space between the ceiling and the motor housing. The down rod mounting is ideal for low profile ceilings as it is installed 3 to 5 inches between the canopy and the fan. It allows for more circulation of air while retaining the fan’s efficiency. It is a good mounting option for offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. Rooms that have a higher ceiling of more than 9 feet may require a longer down rod. If you have sloped ceilings, then it is good to invest in a sloped ceiling adapter.

Home Decor

You will then need to consider a fan that fits well into your home decor. There is the various style for the Turn of the Century ceilings. The most common ones are traditional, transitional, and contemporary styling. The contemporary styling, for instance, will compliment any transitional and modern living space. It has smooth metallic finishes, clean lines, and minimal adornment.

Other Special Features to Consider

There are always many different features and types to choose from when it comes to ceiling fans. The other important features to consider include CFM, motor, blades, and efficiency. CFM refers to the airflow as measured in cubic feet per minute. It indicates the amount of air that can be moved by a fan and is determined by factors such as blade pitch, motor, and length of the blades. A unit with CFM rating of 6000+ will yield the best results and will enable you to save energy by turning down the thermostat.

The next aspect to consider the motor. Just the same way you need a higher CFM rating, a bigger motor will help you get better performance from your ceiling fan. It also reduces the wobbling and noise levels that usually come with the operation of the fans. DC motor is the most efficient motor technology to go for, but it also comes at a price. They are usually smaller than AC motors and consume less energy while generating a greater torque at the same time. They are virtually silent and produces less heat. The other option to go for is the Energy Star rated fan. A unit like 52-Inch White Maple Transitional Ceiling Fan is energy star rated and uses up to 20 percent less energy than other standard Turn of the Century fans. You can still go for the reversible motor that is slightly affordable and relatively quiet. If you are not sure about Turn of the Century, another option is Casablanca ceiling fans that offer a few Energy Star rated ceiling fans, such as the Casablanca 54001 Ainsworth Ceiling Fan.

There is then the issue of blades that need to be considered. Here you will have to look at the pitch as well as the number of blades. The pitch refers to the angle between the horizontal plane and the blade tilt. It determines the amount of air that can circulate in a room. The recommended pitch for optimal performance is between 12 and 15 degrees. Anything below 12 degrees won’t give you the efficient movement of air.

The next thing is the number of blades. Most Turn of the Century fans have 5 blades but there is an option to go for any other choice including 3, 4, 6, and 8 blades. The number of blades doesn’t necessarily translate to a higher volume of air moved. In fact, more blades tend to create drag. The most efficient blade number is three but four and five are still aesthetically pleasing and quiet enough.

The other thing to consider is the fan control feature. There are three options to choose from as far as these fans are concerned. These are pulled chain, remote control, and wall control. The remote-control option is easier to operate especially if you are installing the fan on a high or a vaulted ceiling. The final thing to consider before making that decision is the warranty factor.


In conclusion, we just need to remind you that there are a number of things that you must consider before deciding to buy a Turn of the Century ceiling fan. They include the size of the room, blade span, style, mounting options, CFM ratings, motor, warranty, and remote-control options. We have already discussed these aspects and we believe you are now empowered to make that key decision. Generally, these ceiling fans are excellent products for any home setup. They are designed to maximize performance, increase lifespan, and reduce energy consumption. A ceiling fan is something you will use for many years and it is good to buy a unit you will use for a long time. Hopefully, after reading all the Century Ceiling Fan Reviews above, you will be able to make an informed buying decision and end up with a fan that works and looks great for many years to come.

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