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Ceiling Fans or Chandeliers? Learn When to Use a Fan or a Chandelier

ceiling fan vs chandelier

After reading this guide, the fight between husband and wife regarding ceiling fans and chandeliers will be over. This article will help you to learn when to use a ceiling fan or a chandelier.

Ceiling fans and chandeliers have been the topic of debate among the interior designers for a long time. Even husbands and wives also debate on these two options when they shift to a new house, or when they are going through home remodeling.

Both of these options have pros and cons, to some extent, one is considered an ugly piece of junk and a waste of money and space, while the other one is a good option that you must have. Ceiling fans win this competition sometimes, while chandeliers beat them too in some cases.

The question remains there to answer – which one is better option? A ceiling fan or a chandelier?

There is not one-size fit answer to this query. In some cases, a ceiling fan can be a better option while in some cases, chandeliers can be a better option as compared to ceiling fans. It can be changed from person to person and depends on many things such as the reason you are installing the unit for, can you bear some noise in the room or not, whether you prefer advantages over aesthetics and so on.

The rest is a comparison between the ceiling fans and chandeliers, which also includes their pros and cons. Our aim is to help with your situation and select the option that fulfills your requirements and needs.

So, let’s get started.

Times when a ceiling fan is better than a chandelier

A ceiling fan is a device that is installed near the ceiling. The appliance uses power to power its motor and move the blades which circulate air in the room. Generally, a ceiling fan is bigger in size and slower in speed as compared to other types of fan. it is helpful in AC, lighting and pest control. We have discussed some situations below that can prove that ceiling fan is better than a chandelier.

Air conditioning

Ceiling fans are one of the types of fans that work from the ceiling. To move air in the room, they are installed on the ceiling. Air circulation is necessary as it is important for air conditioning. Ceiling fans make the homes and offices cozy by producing its wind chill effect.

The fans are not designed with any air-cooling mechanism of their own, they just provide the flow of fresh air. You might be familiar with it that ceiling fans do not cool the air, yes you heard it right, they move air around the room instead. This results in rapid evaporation of sweat in human skin, thus we feel cool.

When you want to warm your room in winter season, use your thermostat along with your fan (clockwise direction). It means that you need an advanced fan that has counter-rotation feature. The clockwise rotation of the fan will compel warm air to come down towards the floor. The fan warms the room with warm air without making any trouble.

Another point to consider is that ceiling fans consume less electricity as compared to air conditioners. Fans can decrease the power bills by 35 percent. In most cases, the AC unit reduces the need of an AC, something that chandeliers cannot do.

Size of the room

How high is ceiling of your room? According to the US Department of Energy, ceiling fans can perform well in rooms that are 7 to 9 ft above the bottom surface. The optimal distance between the fans and the tip of the ceiling need to be 10 to 12 inches.

There is no doubt in saying that fans with large blades can work best in a large room. A 40-inch diameter fan can be used in a 200-square-foot area. A diameter of 50 inches or more can be ideal for larger sized rooms.

Here is a helpful article on how to measure the size for your ceiling fans properly: How To Measure Ceiling Fan Size

In a nutshell, fans can be useful in small rooms whereas chandeliers can entertain large halls or buildings with a high ceiling.

Bug Deterrents

This may be surprising for you as a fan user, but did you know that ceiling fans are bug deterrents? If you mount high-quality fans at specific areas of your home, you could terminate pests.

It is hard for most American homes to fight pests, especially insects during the summer and spring season. Mosquitoes, flies, moths and gnats are very disturbing in these seasons. In the worst case, bugs can transmit pathogens that can cause deadly disease. You need a smart and easy way to get rid of pests.

By using pesticides, electric killers, chemicals and ultrasound repellants, you can control them. However, ceiling fans can also be used. Ceiling fans use a mechanical method to keep these stubborn creatures away from your lives. Whether you want to clean a kitchen or barbeque, a ceiling fan will serve you.

The fan makes it hard for flying insects to move in your house. They can make a sweeping current of air to interrupt the flying path of the pests. At times, when the fan is moving fast, it can hit them as well. This movement restricts the bugs to mate or find food. As a result, the creatures die off and this will allow you to get rid of them from your house.

The best course of action is to install the right fan at the right area of your house. Ceiling fans that are installed to take care of pests should be good enough to generate currents that can disturbs the flying bugs.

You should mount it at places where you want to eliminate bugs from entering your house. The ideal place to install ceiling fans is the patio. Installing a ceiling fan at your patio or entrance to your house will keep these irritating creatures away. It is not possible for a chandelier to do that as ceiling fans.

A lighting Fixture and elegant versatility

A fan can serve two purpose at the same time, make your room or office comfortable and also illuminate it. In past, ceiling fans used to work as a fan only to provide air. Modern ceiling fans are available with built-in lighting functions.

We want to offer a pro tip that is get a ceiling fan that matches your home’s décor and design. The best part is that modern fans are not an appliance that you can install on your ceiling. These days, the ceiling fan manufacturers also focus on elegance too.

Cutting-edge ceiling fans are equipped with attractive lighting and blade designs that can match your home’s décor. Luckily, you can guess and choose an appliance with the same style. For example, some of the fans are available from the chain of interior design’s collections. So, you can select fans, machines, and other appliances that can match your unique style.

In a nutshell, ceiling fans are more than just appliances with moving blades; they can serve a lot of purposes. Some fans come with replaceable blades to allow you to customize the design. They can also become a part of your house’s lighting and HVAC systems. Chandeliers cannot offer this kind of versatility.

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Times when a chandelier works as a better option than a ceiling fan

Chandeliers are suspended lights not only provide lighting in your room but also make it exquisite. Classic chandeliers come with a large number of crystal prisms to refract the lighting in the room. Traditional girandoles employ a minimalist design along with bulbs and other lamps. At times, conventional chandeliers contain translucent glass to cover every lamp.

However, advanced chandeliers come with LEDs and gems and have traditional as well as classic designs. There is no doubt that there are many situations in which a chandelier beats a ceiling fan.

beautiful chandelier


Modern-day ceiling fans are elegant and designed with a customizable option. but they cannot compete with the aesthetic quality of chandelier. A set of suspended lights can turn your house into a palace.

The lamp has creatively designed patterns of lights hanged on the ceiling. Its looks are beautiful due to its crystals and everyone pays attention to it who visits your home.

The beauty of these lamps can work well in any interior design or décor style. A chandelier in your house can attract the eyes of your family as well as guests.

If you are looking for beautiful and functional lamps, chandeliers is the best way to start with.


Chandeliers can be fragile as they are made of glass and bulbs. Luckily, metallic, wooden and crystal units can last longer as they are sturdy. Crystal chandelier lights refract the light in the room which are small stones. This promotes the elegance.

Crystal gems are designed from molten rocks. Meticulous techniques are used to cut rock into prisms. The crystal gems’ look does not wear out even in harsh conditions. This strength can survive longer than ceiling fans. Just keep in mind that the blades of ceiling fans easily get damaged when fall or compress.  

The room’s height

The size of your room needs to be taken into account to find out whether a chandelier is worthwhile. If you are going for a candelabra lamp, the minimum ideal height of your room must be 8 feet high. This height makes the room more comfortable as you would avoid the risk of getting your scalp hit by them.

Slow on Power Consumption

If you want to install energy saving lamps, you should consider installing LED bulb-enhanced chandeliers. When it comes to beating electric consumption, LED bulbs are the best way to do it.

According to Energy Star, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are the ideal and efficient bulbs that convert the electric current into light energy. This type of lamp saves 90% more energy than incandescent bulb. LEDs are small, light and simple. When the electric current goes through their microchip, the LEDs are illuminated by it. As a result, it provides visible light. The heat sink sucks the extra heat produced.

Another advantage of using LED chandeliers is durability. Usually, LED lights do not burn out like incandescent lamps. This way you can save the power bills and maintenance or replacement costs. The only situation in which you may want to remove or replace these diodes is when their light emission decreases by 30%.

Ceiling fans use a substantial amount of electricity which is generated by a motor to spin the blades. Motors are more likely to consume power. So, crystal chandeliers and diodes consume less energy than fans.

Save space

Generally, a well-lit room uses a lot of lights on the wall and lampstands on the floor. this type of light need drilling and uses enough space as well. This also calls for a large room. A chandelier steps in the gap to save space and reduce the wasted space.

Usually, the lamp is installed on the ceiling. Hanging it at the top saves enough space on the walls and floor, which is exactly what everyone wants.

Additionally, you will be able to get enough light without drilling the walls. Ordinary lamps need you to make perforations on the wall, and this makes the drywalls horrible. When it comes to remodeling your house, you would have to fill those holes first. A chandelier can be mount without any wall drilling.

Final Words

It can be hard for many homeowners to select between a chandelier and a ceiling fan. Fans provide fresh air, control pests, come with lighting, and boost décor. If you want a device to complement your HVAC systems, consider only ceiling fans. But, when you are an interior design enthusiast, you will always prefer chandeliers.

So, to answer the question of which one between ceiling fans and chandeliers is a better option than the other, the decision depends on the person’s requirements. The basic rule here is to go with the option that is suitable for your home and wins your heart.

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