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Pros and Cons of Ceiling Fans — Should You Get One?

pros and cons of ceiling fans

If you are curious to know, “Should I get a ceiling fan?”, then read this guide on the pros and cons of ceiling fans that we have written for you.

Upon the arrival of the summer months, every homeowner wants to keep their house cool and comfortable for themselves. There are many ways to do that and a ceiling fan is one of those options. Ceiling fans do have some drawbacks, the manifold benefits that it contains make them an ideal choice for most users. Due to these reasons, it is difficult to find a home that does not have a ceiling fan installed.

If you want to install a ceiling fan in your house or business apartment and you do not know if it is suitable for you or not, here is a list of some pros and cons of ceiling fans that will help you to make a decision.

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The Pros

1. A comfortable air to feel

Technically, ceiling fans do not cool down your place, they are designed in a way to do the job. You will get the comfortable experience that you paid for. What the ceiling fans do is provide a breeze in the room by spinning their blades and pushing it across your body. That is why when you are feeling hot and become sweaty, this air circulated by the fan will evaporate your sweat in a natural way, and in return, you will feel fresher and cooler. So, ceiling fans are perfect for cooling during dry climates. You must turn on the ceiling fan in the hotter season and it should be move in an anticlockwise direction to obtain this downward airflow. In addition, ceiling fans can also be used in the colder season which we have discussed in this article below.

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2. Energy efficient

If you do a comparison of ceiling fan with other HVAC options including air conditioners, you will be able to see the ceiling fan will make a difference in terms of power efficiency. There is no doubt that an AC unit, depending on its make, size and model, will use more energy about 500-4000 watts when working. On the other hand, a household ceiling fan consumes 15-70 watts of energy. So, there is hardly any comparison.

We did the math in order to know how much electricity a ceiling fan uses per day, month, and year. To learn about it, you can check it. in short, if your ceiling fan consumes, lets suppose, 25 watts, the cost of the fan will be only $8.76 at $0.12 per kWh if you run it for 8 hours a day throughout the year! The much-needed breeze, but can be obtained for pennies, right?

Another factor to consider when measuring the amount of energy the ceiling fan will use, it also depends on the make, model and size of the fan. ceiling fans with more or larger blades will consume more energy, and models with smaller and fewer blades will consume less energy. Energy consumption also rely on the usage of the lights if attached, and also depends on the overall quality of the model.

3. Cost-effective

We have already explained how much ceiling fan can cost when working. It is also right when it comes to the model price, fan installation fees, and maintenance. In most cases, you will need to spend around $80 to $350 to use a ceiling fan. the procedure of installation is pretty easy, and the adequate installation instructions are available in the shape of manual. It will help you to do the installation of the fan all by yourself if you are confident to deal with electricity. In case, you have to pay someone to do it for you, the price will be very minimal, as the installation process is simple and easy. Lastly, when you have to deal with its maintenance, the process needs to do the cleaning with a proper brush or a piece of cloth (see full guide here) at least every six months. And if you want to take it to the repair store, you do not have to spend anything to take it down.

As a result, the money you are going to use is very low, the ceiling fan saves a lot of money when you look at it with other options like AC units. You do not have to spend too much dollars on ceiling fans because most of the working is pretty easy. And even if you hire a professional to install, or troubleshoot it if there is any issue, it will not cost much as we discussed.

4. Less dangerous than Air Conditioners

ac explosion
ACs are more dangerous when they explode…

Before we start the discussion, it is noteworthy that ACs are ACs, and you cannot do the comparison as they don’t have it if “cooling” is ideal for your case. Because the aim of the one is to cool and the other options is not doing that. Actually, air conditioners lower the temperature and cool down the room. On the other hand, ceiling fan only makes you feel cooler with the help of air circulation in your surroundings.

But if you feel comfortable with the fresh air and it is the only thing you need, a ceiling fan is an ideal and safer option for this. The reason behind it is due to the technology utilized in both options. When air conditioners run, they use gas that is why they are pretty much bombs when they explode. But if do that, the accidents can result in severe injuries or deaths of living things.

Ceiling fans can also come with the danger of falling, but it hardly happens. And when they really do, the accidents are not as much damaging as when air conditioners explode. There is no doubt that you can get injured if ceiling fan fall, but the death is very rare as compared to exploding HVAC units.

5. Additional lighting

ceiling fan lighting

If you are looking to add extra brightness to your room, a ceiling fan can serve this purpose too. To accomplish it, you need to choose a ceiling fan with light. These units are available with built-in light, if they are built with it but don’t have it, you can purchase it separately and add it to your existing ceiling fan.

This type of unit will be ideal for your décor as well as functionality. Ceiling fans are more pretty when they have light kits installed, and those lighting fixtures allow you to enjoy the ambient light in your space if your current lighting option is not fulfilling your needs. More often they have the dimmable feature too. So, this function allows you to reach the exact amount of lighting in your room whenever you want, whether you are reading or sewing.

6. Aesthetically beautiful

Everyone gives preference to a cozy interior design. That is why if you want to get a ceiling fan that makes your home design powerful, you are on the right path. Because it is past when the only function of the ceiling fan was to move air. Today’s ceiling fans are capable of more than that. They do not only have additional functions, they also have other advantages too, one of them is aesthetics. Modern-day ceiling fans often come with styles that catches the attention due to their beauty. Even those unit that are made with rural aspect in mind, such as rustic and tropical ceiling fans. They look beautiful due to modern manufacturing tools and sophisticated design available in this age for our great fan manufacturers.

You can make your ceiling more attractive and appealing with the help of a ceiling fan. Apart from the decorative light fixture that you can add to your unit, you can also select a design that adds a touch of beauty to it, and your room will look more attractive. So, when you are going to select one, choose the one that can add elegance to your ceiling that you are looking for. We have listed some of the best ceiling fan brands here. You can see Quorum Windmill ceiling fan as an example.

7. Mosquito fighters

Ceiling fans at the highest speed can deter mosquitoes from your room. In the summer months, mosquitoes are very annoying. And mosquitoes can also survive throughout the year if they get the desired conditions (warm). As you may experience the buzzing sound of them which is annoying and once they suck your blood, they get out of that place with much irritation, it may also cause mosquito-borne diseases like dengue or malaria.

Ceiling fans can deter mosquitoes easily when they are moving at high speeds and other bugs from your area because they are not good enough to fly in high-speed air. This is helpful in two ways. The first one, ceiling fans make the conditions hard for mosquitoes to restrict them from flying. Apart from that, they also distribute carbon dioxide you exhale throughout the room. The process makes it hard for mosquitoes to locate you because they are dependent on your exhaling carbon dioxide too to find you. You can read more about in this guide: can ceiling fans deter mosquitoes.

Though ceiling fans do not offer a permanent solution to it, but still they will be helpful. Apart from that, it can be safer option as compared to the repellent that can affect your health in a negative manner.

8. It can be better for people with allergies

People can have allergies to dust and it will be hard for them to remain in a room full of dust. For such allergic patients, if they want to lead a healthy life, the first thing is to “breathe clean air”. A ceiling fan can also be helpful in this regard.

A ceiling fan and air conditioner both of them will gather dust with the passage of time as both use electric fans. An allergic person, to make his/her life healthy, will make sure to breathe in clean air only as we have stated. It means that the room as well as everything in the room need to be cleaned every time. If you are using moving things in your room including electric fans, you need to keep them clean too. Otherwise, without taking into account how many times you clean your room, the dust will still be there because those fans will distribute the dust gathered on them. Now you have got the idea to clean an AC unit and a ceiling fan.

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9. Reduces HVAC costs

summer and winter movement

A ceiling fan can reduce the power bills, this is very interesting about them. Let’s do the explanation.

A ceiling fan is ideal for what it is made for, that is provide air. And the purpose of AC is to cooling a volume of air and it is designed for it. Both of them cannot do the other’s job, ceiling fan to cool down and air conditioner to move air. That is why if your current setup is not good enough for your mood, and you are using air conditioner and other HVAC system, our recommendation is to use a ceiling fan with them too. This way, both of them, AC and a fan will work together on the job and you will enjoy the best cooling experience with least power bill.

If you are looking for more detailed technical information, you will find it below.

Most ceiling fans are now available with a new feature named as “Reversible blades” (Example fan here). In the winter season, when using your air conditioner, naturally the cold air in the room will go downwards and the hotter air will go upwards. If you have set the ceiling fan on “reverse” mode, the fan will push the air go upwards. This process will allow the AC to process all the air equally by using very less electricity.

10. Environmentally friendly

Since ceiling fans are using minimal power to work and they are environmentally friendly. By using ceiling fans, you can fulfill your cooling needs efficiently. This greener approach is clear in this modern age of Carbon emissions. The lesser the energy consumption, the better it is for the globe. That is why ceiling fans are considered more environment friendly as compared to air conditioners, they are doing it in two ways. The first one is they do not consume much energy to function. Secondly, they do not require gas to work.

11. They can be installed outdoors

If your house contains a good patio with a clean natural environement, you will definitely prefer to spend some time there in the nights of summer or during the sunset. What are your problems? The mosquitoes, bugs and hot weather to deal with. Can your AC assist in any of these issues? The answer is no but the ceiling fan can get the job done, dealing with hot weather as well as with mosquitoes. That is why ceiling fans are helpful. They are functional as well as simple.

So, a ceiling fan is necessary whether you have patio, outdoor kitchen, deck, a porch, sunroom.

The Cons

When researching ceiling fan pros and cons, it was easy to define the pros. But when it comes to cons it was very hard to find them because they do not have many. However, these two points need to be discussed in this area of the article.

1. Ceiling fans do not actually “cool” room

As we have already discussed ceiling fans do not actually cool down the room. They will not decrease the temperature of your room. It means that if you are in a hot room, the temperature will remain hot if you are keeping the fan on. It will only help you to feel “cooler” and comfort zone. If you want to reduce the temperature of the room, it is imperative to install a unit.

2. Noise problems

Another problem you need to be aware of ceiling fans is the noise issue. It does not happen to all unit but some ceiling fans do make noise. It can be produced from the motor or the blades. Frankly speaking, this reason will not prevent you from buying a ceiling fan. usually, the noises are mild and unnoticeable. But at times, it will be too loud, in this case, it is necessary to fix it or get a replacement.


Here’s an infographic that we’ve designed based on this post. You can use it to link back to us:

ceiling fan pros and cons infographic

Our Hand-picked Recommendations

If you liked our discussion on the benefits of ceiling fans, here are some recommended ceiling fans that you need to consider to start your journey with a ceiling fan.

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Final Words

Whenever you think of a cooling method for your modern home, ceiling fan is a perfect choice in terms of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. They do not use much electricity to work as compared to ACs. Keeping in view the above discussion on ceiling fan pros and cons in this article, we have proved why ceiling fans are effective and what are the drawbacks of them. we hope that you have learned a lot from this article and you have enough knowledge of the effectiveness of ceiling fans with their manifold advantages.

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