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Who makes Tangkula ceiling fans?

who makes tangkula ceiling fans

When you are looking for a new ceiling fan, you may have come across Tangkula ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans have become one of the top ones in the market, made with high-quality materials such as iron and solid wood.

In addition, they have a silent motor and remote. The remote allows you to reverse the ceiling fans in the summer season to allow cool air around you and in winter to give rise to indoor air circulation.

But did you ever curious to know who makes the Tangkula ceiling fans?

Tangkula is a company that not only sells ceiling fans. The product line for the company offers home, outdoor, garden, office, pet supplies, lighting kits and golf supplies.

In short, whether you are looking for a home or outdoor products, Tangkula can serve you for it.

But the question is does Tangkula manufacture its ceiling fans, and where is its manufacturing facility?

Who makes Tangkula ceiling fans?

Although the company of Tangkula is registered in America, it does not make its ceiling fans in the USA. The manufacturer of the Tangkula fans is from Asia.

In fact, all the ceiling fans from this brand are virtually in the USA but come from Asia, especially China.

Tangkula does not have a production house in the USA. The company only has its headquarters in America, they assemble its items there such as ceiling fans and furniture.

However, the facility of the company is Room 515, 5th Floor, Building 5, Fengyang 2 Road, Xinqi, Development Zone Ningbo, 315899 Zhejiang, China.

While Tangkula fans aren’t made in the US, you can also consider other locally-manufactured brands if you want to go for ceiling fans made in the country.

What are the best Tangkula ceiling fans?

Although the brand Tangkula has many ceiling fans, some of the best ones are:

The ceiling fans are available on Tangkula’s website.

Where can I get Tangkula replacement parts?

If you purchased the fan directly from the company, you could get Tangkula replacement parts from them directly. Usually, the company does not sell parts individually.

However, if your parts are under warranty, you will receive the replacement parts at your location without any charge.

Let’s hope that the fan part you need is available since Tangkula brand does not make its items locally.

But if the part of your fan has extended its warranty, you can obtain a replacement part for your Tangkula fan from a local hardware store.

Where does Tangkula ship from?

The products of Tangkula are shipped from the USA. The shipping is only available for shipping addresses in the United States, except Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

In addition, the brand does not provide deliveries to FPO, APO, and P.O Box addresses.

Where is Tangkula located?

The offices of the Tangkula company are in Fontana, California, United States.

The address of the company office is 11250 Poplar Avenue, Fontana, California, 92337.

Is Tangkula a good brand?

Tangkula is a good brand if you are looking for an affordable brand that sells ceiling fans for homes and offices. To ensure its durability, they use high-quality materials in their products.

In addition, the shipping policies of the company are also better and they make sure you get your items within five days.

How do I contact Tangkula?

The best way to contact Tangkula to get assistance quickly and solve your queries is through phone or email. You can contact them via email and the official email of the company is support@tangkula.com or call (844) 242-1885.

You need to keep in mind that you may have to give your email, telephone, order, or tracking number when contacting their customer support.

Final Words

Tangkula is a company that is famous for selling a home, outdoor and gardens, lighting fixtures, pet supplies, and golf supplies. The company manufactures its items in China and assembles them in the United States.

To get more information about the brand, you can go to Tangkula’s website and see its products and contact the company via email @ support@tangkula.com.

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