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Casablanca Fan Remote

casablanca fan remote

Casablanca Fan Remote

Do you want a brand new remote for your casablanca ceiling fan or wall switch?

If yes, you reach your destination.

Whether you want to get a new remote control for your unit or need a replacement, you can get it. Casablanca ceiling fans come in variety and also offers a wide range of remotes for their users. They offer two types of remotes including handheld as well as wall controls. The company tests the replacement parts before they reach to the customers to maintain the quality, design and finishes.

Casablanca fan remote is one of the replacement parts people want to get, do not worry we have got your back. This post has the best Casablanca ceiling fan remote replacement for you. After losing an existing remote of your ceiling fan, you will need a new one to control the speed of the fan.

The users pair their Casablanca ceiling fan remote control with their fan to control it with ease. This replacement part enables you to control the on/off switch without leaving your bed or sofa. Additionally, the speed of the airflow can also be controlled and maintained using a button. The remote of Casablanca ceiling fan can not only adjust the speed but can also dim the light kits or lighting of the fan.

There are two types of Casablanca ceiling fan remote controls:

  • Handheld Remotes
  • Universal Wall Controls

1: Handheld Remote:

You can hold the handheld remote to adjust the speed and light kits with ease. This brand comes with a modern, sleek aesthetic with excellent craftsmanship, the users expect this from this brand.

2: Universal Wall Controls:

The wall control of Casablanca can dim the lights with its 4-speed controls and they are universal, which means that they can be attached with a number of ceiling fans. Additionally, they are damp rated, it means that they are safe for inside as well as outdoor use.

Casablanca Universal Handheld Remote and Receiver

Casablanca fan company has introduced remote controls that come with speed settings and light-dimming capabilities. Now, it has advanced features like the CFL auto-detect function that can detect automatically and stops the light dimming feature itself.

In addition, the company also offers a one-year limited warranty to ensure the quality assurance of Casablanca remote control. It is replete with options to select the remote of your own choice.

Best Casablanca Fan Remote Control Replacement

Casablanca 99019 Universal 4 Speed Control System

The newest remote control of Casablanca, easy to operate, comes with CFL auto-detect feature to stop the dimming of the lights. It is similar to garage door programming. It comes with 30 days replacement part policy to make sure the functioning.

Casablanca 99020 Universal 4 Speed Reversing Handheld Remote Control

It is one of the top-rated and well-priced products for Casablanca. This Casablanca ceiling fan remote control comes with a manual to troubleshoot the problems. It is compatible with 5XXXX series and 120 watts up light.

Casablanca 99198 Casablanca Handheld Remote

It is a reversible remote with light dimming features, it also needs a Casablanca universal receiver that is sold separately. It is compatible with Hunter and Casablanca brand fans and other models start with 5.

  • Casablanca Handheld remote 99198
  • Universal handheld remote and receiver 99019

What Kind of Battery is used in Casablanca Fan Remote?

It is another question that can arise in the minds of the users. Hunter ceiling fans own Casablanca, Hunter uses CR2032 remote control. Casablanca fan battery is developed with AAA control system or 9V batteries which are available on any local retailer.

How to Reset Casablanca Fan Remote?

Here is the step by step guide to reset your Casablanca ceiling fan remote:

  • Turn off the power of the ceiling fan (5 minutes)
  • When you will turn on the ceiling fan, you will get 20 seconds to complete this process. Turn the power on and count to five, hold your handheld remote.
  • Now, press high, medium and low buttons in the same order and press those buttons slowly and do not rush to press those buttons.
  • After pressing the buttons, count to five, the fan should be working now.

That is all. Now you can control the speed of the fan and dimming options for your light kit using the remote.

Still, Casablanca fan remote is not working?

You need to find the model number of your fan and make a call @ 1-888-227-2178 for troubleshooting.

Casablanca Fan Remote App

The users of Casablanca ceiling fans also look for Casablanca remote app, it is due to the advancement of technology, there are companies like Harbor Breeze that offer a remote app for their fans. Currently, this company does not offer a remote app.

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