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Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light Hugger Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light Hugger Ceiling Fan Review

Product Overview

Prominence Home Alvina LED ceiling fan has become the best seller of this brand. It is a 42-inch ceiling fan that is ideal for small rooms. It can be installed in small to medium rooms as it is a flush mount ceiling fan, it can be installed in a room that is 350 square feet in size including bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms etc. Its low profile design makes it an ideal choice for such space with low ceilings too.

This prominence home ceiling fan is a small fan but it has the ability to provide silent performance with excellent ventilation.

The fan has a classic look with a flush mount design. It will not distract you from other décor settings available in that area. It is available in beautiful satin nickel finish with its metal components along with warm brown tones of the blades with a beautiful white lighting fixture. Let’s have a look at its detailed review to decide whether you should buy it or not.

Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Ceiling Fan Review

  • 5 Blades
  • No. of Speeds: 3
  • Mounting: Flush Mount
  • 11.77 pounds weight

The Prominence Home LED light kit features a pleasant glow, effectively illuminates your living room, dining rooms and bedrooms. LED bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs so you are getting this ceiling fan that does not use traditional lighting.


Low-Profile Ceiling Fan

This Prominence Home flush mount ceiling fan is ideal for small rooms. It features a 42-inch small blade span which is neater as compared with other fans, making it perfect for small areas. The fan is small, but it has the ability to perform well when ventilating the 350 square foot size space of a small room.

It is designed for low ceilings which can be fit close to the ceiling, that way it makes most of the space. If the ceilings of your place are low, it is a wise decision to go for this unit. Low ceilings go well with flush mount ceiling fans and it also saves the most of the space.

Frosted Opal Glass Light

This number one selling ceiling fan by Prominence home also has a light kit. The light kit allows you to illuminate your home along with the cooling of the room. It is included in the package when you purchase the fan, one A15/E26 white lighting fixture.

Quiet Operation

This low profile ceiling fan is designed for quiet operation, even at its highest speed, it does not make a noise. It is one of the biggest differences between the old ceiling fan unit and the new unit, the new ones do not come with the noise.

Anyone can discriminate between the old and new quality fan instantly, this process is easy when you compare the noise of both models.

Alvina ceiling fan offers a powerful motor that is efficient and silent. The fan will perform quietly and will not distract you from your work or sleep. In shared areas, the unit will not disturb anyone so it is an ideal option for everyone.

Affordable Price

Apart from other features, this ceiling fan is available at an affordable price, we can say that very affordable price. It is very difficult to find a unit which is replete with features and also available at low cost, that is why this is the best selling item of this brand.

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Reversible Fan Blades

Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina LED Hugger Ceiling fan offers two-sided fan blades, the two sided blades offer two different finishes. The reversible feature makes it eligible for both seasons and two sided blades can perfectly match with the ceiling fan.

Easy to Install and Use

Prominence Home Alvina LED globe light hugger ceiling fan is replete with all the necessary material. The installation process is very easy and you need only a few tools for this installation by yourself. If you are not experienced we prefer you get professional help for ideal results.

Breaking the ceiling fan while installation can void the warranty, so you need to follow the instructions carefully, have an extra helping hand or hire a technician. The biggest risk of doing it yourself is dropping it accidentally and results in breaking the unit.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina LED ceiling fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that covers the parts only. The company will replace the defective parts or finish defects and it is for a lifetime.

This ceiling fan unit from Prominence Home will literally last for a lifetime and it will not easily break that is why they are offering this warranty. This Alvina unit is designed to stand the test of time and provide high-quality ventilation to your home for a lifetime.

Prominence 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light ceiling fan reviews

Prominence Home Alvina LED ceiling fan has positive reviews, it has 4.6-star ratings out of 5 stars from 2598 ratings so far. It means that people like this unit that is why it is the best seller of this company.


Rated for Indoor Use Only

This unit comes with delicate parts that can be worn out if it is installed in outdoor locations. The fan is rated for indoors and due to its flush mount design, it is suitable for small rooms.

No Remote Control

Alvina ceiling fan unit does not have a remote control included but it is compatible with universal remote controls which you can get here.

Final Words

The Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan is a classically styled, beautiful hugger ceiling fan and it is a perfect unit for small rooms. Low ceilings desire for such units and it hugs the ceiling and the length is also limited horizontally so it saves the space too. The lighting fixture is also included with the ceiling fan to make the most out of the Alvina fan.

The high quality materials features long lasting and high performance, you can even expect a lifetime performance from this 80029-01 model. A limited lifetime warranty is also offered by the manufacturer free, Prominence home ceiling fan offers high quality performance.

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