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Ceiling fan lights not working but fan works? How to fix

ceiling fan lights not working

A ceiling fan with a light kit serves two purposes at the same time. In the summer, the fan’s function is to keep you cool, while the light’s job is to enlighten the room at night.

However, many times, the LED lights available on the fans stop functioning suddenly. In rare cases, the lights stop working altogether, but the fan blades continue to rotate. So, what is the reason for this issue and how to fix the light kit on a ceiling fan?

Why ceiling fan lights may fail to work

The first cause behind why ceiling fan lights may stop working is because it has loose wire connections.

A fan while working generates heat while working, which results in contraction and expansion of electrical wires. At last, the wires get loosen and as a result, the lights start malfunctioning.

Another cause of the fan lights to stop working is a faulty or damaged lighting fixture. If you have just purchased the unit, then you should return it to get a replacement.

Ceiling fan lights are not working – How to troubleshoot

Use any of these ways to troubleshoot your ceiling fan and find out what is the issue.

While you are going to do the troubleshooting by yourself, it is recommended to get a professional help when you need it.

1. Ensure that the LED bulbs are working

The first step is to check the bulbs as they may have burned out and caused the lights to stop working. If your fan is using multiple bulbs, all of them cannot be faulty at once, which means one of them will work. But if it has one installed, if it has gone bad, it won’t work. If that is the case, change the burned out LED bulb with new one.

The next thing is to make sure that the bulb is fixed in its socket properly. The socket may not be working properly if it is an old manufactured model. In this case, make sure that the bulbs are using the recommended wattage.

2. Check wire connections in the lighting kit

The wire connections are not the main culprit behind the lights not working, especially when the blades are moving. If the blades are not spinning, you have to check the wires to find out there are no burn marks.

  • Unscrew the retaining screws that fix the fan to the mounting bracket.
  • There will be black and blue wires twisted to the red wire from the power source. The color may vary because of your fan model.
  • Inspect and make sure that wires are connected firmly and that there is no loose wire connector. In most ceiling fans, the red wire goes from an electrical box and connects to the blue wire from the lighting fixture.
  • If you have one switch, the light kit wire and the black wires from the unit should connect with the black wire from the electrical box.

Also, you need to make sure that all connections are properly made, and that the connectors are not tight overly.

3. Check the sockets for any burned marks

When ceiling fan lights won’t work, you need to check the light bulbs to find out whether you have a burned or charred socket.

It can happen because of an electric short in the wiring. the ideal way to deal with it is to install a new socket in the light kit if it is burned due to any reason.

If you are dealing with charred socket, you will have to change the whole kit. The next thing is to inspect that the light bulb is not too much tight because it can restrict the socket from working.

4. Reset the ceiling fan remote control

Most users use a remote control in order to control the fan lights. the device needs batteries to operate. Inspect the batteries to make sure they are working. If they are dead, you will have to get new batteries.

If the lights do not work after installing the new batteries, try resetting the remote. Here is how to do it:

  • Use the remote to turn off the fan.
  • Do not turn the fan back on for about 20 seconds.
  • After that, hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds.

You will be able to restore the functioning of the remote by resetting it such as controlling the lights. If this procedure is also failed, get a replacement remote.

Final Words

If LED bulbs are not working in a ceiling fan, try to change them and also ensure that they are in compliance with the right wattage. Another thing to consider is that the bulbs on the lights are not excessively tight.

In some cases, the bulbs can stop working when the sockets are burned or charred. The best way to deal with it is to install the light kit replacement or replace the entire socket.

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