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Craftmade Ceiling Fans – Troubleshooting – Replacement Parts – Lights

Craftmade ceiling fans

Who Sells Craftmade ceiling fans

Craftmade International Inc established in 1984. This company has designed and distributed impressive products. It consists of more than 20 series and 1237 models of Craftmade ceiling fans. They are famous for their energy efficiency, durability that makes them one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry of ceiling fan.

There are a number of websites which are selling craftmade ceiling fans on their outlet including us. It includes:

  • Craftmade official website
  • Delmarfans
  • Lampsplus
  • Lumens
  • Amazon

The company itself is trustworthy whether it is about business or employment. For many years, Forbes Magazine has been selecting Craftmade as one of the ‘Top 200 Best Small Companies in America.

Craftmade products have the ability to alter the interior and exterior of your office, home and business. They are replete with distinctive designs and finishes. They have a range of contemporary as well as traditional. Their fan design is unique in nature that can fit to any décor. Their products have brought an outstanding value to ceiling fan industry. They have popular designs, a huge selection of unique styles and available at reasonable and affordable prices.

Craftmade Ceiling Fans

Craftmade has ceiling fans that are replete with a mixture of style as well as value. Even the simple styles are available in different colors and finishes. It gives many lines of fans for builders as well as for contractors to serve the new homeowners the best fans pre-installed. The range of Craftmade motors is from 153x12mm to 188x22mm.

The blade pitch of most of the models is 12-14 degree. The motor housings are either cast or stamped along with multi-capacitor speed controls.

For more than 20 years, Craftmade ceiling fans have been a leader in this industry. They create stylish and functional cooling solutions for their customer. These ceiling fans are durable and come in a range of styles, sizes and finishes. They have Craftmade ceiling fan accessories like remotes and integrated lights. Hunter Low profile ceiling fans can be compared with these fans to cool down your house. In addition, Craftmade also features outdoor ceiling fans that add beauty to your home’s patio or porch.

Craftdoor outdoor ceiling fans

If you are looking for dependable and durable performance, then you should select Craftmade outdoor ceiling fans for your home’s exterior. Craftmade outdoor fans are UL rated for damp and wet location including lanais, porches and patios. Craftdoor ceiling fans have the ability to produce a wind chill effect that enables the space feel 8-10 degrees cooler during the span of summer months. For illumination and cooling at the same time, visit our Harbor Breeze ceiling fans with lights.

Cooling Effects From Your Outdoor Craftmade Ceiling Fans

They are smooth rotating, heavy duty and come up with a few guaranteed features with it whenever you buy a discount Craftmade outdoor ceiling fan. These fans are durable as well as UL damp and wet rated. In addition, they are energy efficient along with sealed motors encased in rust-resistant housings. When you will install a Crafmade outdoor fan, you will be bold enough that it will survive the whole season.

Looking for high end ceiling fans?

Check out our collection of Casablanca Ceiling Fans.

Reliable exterior ceiling fans from Craftmade add notable cooling effects in your home during the summer season. They are helpful when the hot temperature can spoil your outdoor living experience. It also saves energy. Add this UL rated or damp rated fan to your patio, veranda, garage or gazebo, porch and start enjoying the outdoor life. Higher fan settings are a cool way to keep the mosquitoes and bugs at arm’s length. Try to keep rotating your fan counter-clockwise to prevent the occurrence of these visitors. It will add a noticeable chill factor too.

Craftmade Ceiling fan Headquarters are in Coppell, Texas and they came into existence in 1984-85. They have become a reputable fan and lighting company and the critics are also praising them. One can find the quality in the details. Their fan contains heavy duty bearings, 3 speeds, stamped steel motor housings, die-cast aluminum rotors and gaskets that are fitted at the factory to get rid of vibration and noise.

Craftmade UL wet rated exterior ceiling fans have the ability to install anywhere and they can survive the season as well. They can stand up against snow, rain and salt air due to the attention to quality assurance and durability. Damp rated fans can survive the temperatures of seasons and they also do not get wet. Outdoor damp rated fans should be installed in such area where they do not undergo sprinklers, snow and rain at any time. Consider the buying of a wet rated fan if you are not aware whether or not the fan will undergo these conditions at one time or other.

Purchase a Craftmade exterior ceiling fan from our online shop. This outlet is the best way to buy or purchase high end quality fans like Monte Carlo Ceiling fans or Hampton Bay ceiling fans at reasonable prices.

Craftmade ceiling fan parts

Every fan also comes with replacement parts. Therefore, this company also has replacement parts. It includes

  • Craftmade fan downrods
  • 4 speed rotary fan control
  • Craftmade ceiling fan light kit (bowl light kit with alabaster glass)
  • Craftmade ceiling fan remote (it is also available in universal)
  • 4 speed fan wall control
  • 4 speed fan control
  • Low profile light kit
  • Dual fan and light control slider style

Craftmade Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

Our website visitors have common problems that they want to resolve. I am going to discuss the top ceiling fan troubleshooting tips and it will be helpful and you will be able to resolve your issue. You need to make sure that you turn off the electricity at the circuit panel before you begin with the below projects. It means that you need to find the electrical box in your house and turn off the breaker.

Ceiling Fan Running Slow

If your Craftmade ceiling fan is running slow, it may be a sign to replace your motor asap. There is a way to test this:

  • Let the ceiling fan run for a few minutes
  • Check around the housing gradually- be careful, it may be hot If it is hot, the motor needs replacement.
  • If the motor has not gotten hot, then it may be the speed switch.

Craftmade also offers showroom styled fans on any budget and it is a big opportunity for you. They are becoming famous by and by, specifically among new construction. If you are looking something stylish, simple and inexpensive, give a shot to Craftmade. If you have a low budget, Craftmade can help you in this hour of need. You can afford one and it will look beautiful as well. it will be beneficial when you just bought a house and you want to add elegance and do not want to break the bank. After spending a lot of money on buying a home, one does not want to spend more money at the same time.

So cool your home using reliable Craftmade Ceiling fans.

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