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Ceiling Fans for Winter

ceiling fans for winter

You may know that ceiling fans are part and parcel to make your place comfortable and they are also energy efficient not only in summer but also in the winter season.

This is the reason that you are here because you are aware of it. In addition, you may be looking for a ceiling fan to save money in winter too.

Below we have added a few tips for you so you can select a winter ceiling fan along with an overview to help you so you can make the decision to get the best ceiling fans for winter.

Ceiling fan direction in winter vs summer

ceiling fan direction
ceiling fan direction

People usually think that ceiling fans are used in summer only but they can be used in winter too for the opposite purpose.

In the summer season, ceiling fans can provide cooling by rotating the air and offering cool breeze. Generally, when they perform cooling they rotate counterclockwise to push down the air from the ceiling and move it in the surroundings.

If a fan is rotating clockwise, then as a result it will take air up from the floor. It can be helpful for the customers to pull the cool air up.

In winter, you can use the winter mode to pull the cool air from the floor, move the warm air from the ceiling and descend it on you. It is known as destratification.

The process does not include the direct heating of air – this can be done through ceiling fans by moving warm air towards the floor. The same is the case in summer, ceiling fans do not work like air conditioners.

Can you use ceiling fans during winter?

The circulation of warm air enables you to use the heating system as little as possible. In addition, the implied meaning of the statement is that it decreases the cost of heating systems. According to research done by the Division of Agriculture of the University of Arkansas, it can reduce the cost of heating up to 30% accompanied by the use of ceiling fans in the winter season.

There is another thing you should have in mind that the energy efficiency can be noticeable in rooms with taller ceilings. It happens due to a lot of difference between the temperature of the ceiling and floor.

At home, you may not get 30% of energy savings in heating costs but if the benefit is even 10%, it will be worth it.

How to know if your ceiling fan can be used during winter?

The main feature you need to consider while getting a winter ceiling fan is the reversible blades. It is because most of the units are made for the cooling purpose but some of them are designed with a reversible motor to offer clockwise rotation.

All the ceiling fans in the list can be used in winter and all of them come with reversible motor feature.

This is the main factor you need to consider when you look out for a fan in winter, there are two more things you need to keep in mind too:

  • Using a ceiling fan during the winter season can result in additional cost of electricity. That is why your first priority is to purchase a highly efficient ceiling fan. apart from that, you need to remember that if the difference between the temperature of air on the ceiling and floor is low, the cost of running the unit may exceed its benefits. In a nutshell, the fan should not consume too many watts on hourly basis. The fan should give the higher airflow for each watt by doing the calculation using the CFM formula.
  • A ceiling fan is a decision for a long term, so you need to keep in mind the convenience of summer too. therefore, you should go for a unit that is energy efficient, provides great airflow, enables you to adjust the speed levels to save energy, will be helpful for you in winter too. So, you should consider purchasing a ceiling fan best for summer use with a reversible feature rather than focusing on only for winter use. If the fan can produce good amount of air in scorching hot days of summer, it will work well in winter too.

11 Best Ceiling Fans For Winter

Minka Aire Artemis XL5 Ceiling Fan

If you want to purchase one of the eye-catching ceiling fans from Minka Aire then our best choice is Artemis XL5 fan from this company. It has a special and unique design that will not be supported by everyone, but it will be an ideal choice for the right interior.

Artemis XL5 ceiling fan comes with a remarkable design along with excellent performance. It generates up to 9160 CFM amount of air, so, it is an ideal choice for every room size. It generates remarkable airflow to produce a good amount of breeze, so Artemis xl5 will be helpful in both season winter as well as summer.

Apart from its airflow, it is also energy efficient as well – it uses more or less 39 watts and has a CFM/Watt rating of 235. There is a downside of this unit, it does not have a moisture-resistant motor and blades but it will not bother you for indoor use only.

Minka Aire Artemis XL5 Specifications

Motor6-Speed Reversible
Winter UseYes
AirFlow9,160 Cubic Feet per Minute
FinishDistressed Koa
ListingsUL Dry
Number of BladesFive
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Motor Warranty


  • Generates 9,160 CFM of air.
  • Strong cooling breeze.
  • Very efficient in terms of electricity.
  • Integrated 17W LED light.
  • Features Reversible functionality.

Not Good

  • Won’t attract everyone.
  • Only for indoor use.
  • Costly.

Emerson Carrera Grande ECO 60 Ceiling Fan

If you are looking a high-performance and highly efficient ceiling fan then Emerson Carrera Grand Eco 60-inch ceiling fan is the best option for you.

The main advantage of buying this unit is the energy efficient Eco DC motor and Emerson claims that it is 3 times more energy efficient as compared with typical fan motors.

The energy consumption is about 33 watts and it also claims to save up to $100 savings in 18 months period.

Apart from energy efficiency, Eco motor of Emerson is also renowned for its long lasting and cooling experience as compared with other typical fans. The DC operation of the motor also reduces its noise level.

Eco motor is also designed with optical sensors that enable it to recognize the size of mounted blades. The motor features optimal six-speed levels automatically keeping in view the length of the blade.

Carrera Grande Eco 60 inch ceiling fan also provides notable air flow that is 7929 Cubic Feet per Minute which consumes around 240 CFM/watt and at peak 33 watts. Apart from watt ratings, it also offers a decent amount of air cooling. It will be an ideal option for warm air in the winter season.

This Eco ceiling fan enables you to save up to 40% in summer. The airflow of the ceiling fan is ideal for bigger rooms. You can use this fan in humid areas because it is UL damp rated but should not be installed under direct exposure to water.

Emerson Carrera Grande ECO Specifications

Motor6-Speed Reversible DC EcoMotor
Winter UseYes
Max Air FlowGenerates 7929 CFM
Light KitYes, optional
FinishOil Rubbed Bronze
RemoteCompatible but sold separately
ListingsUL listed for Dry or Damp
Number of BladesFive, 60-inches
ENERGY STAR QualifiedYes
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty on Motor


  • Quiet, and energy efficient motor.
  • Reversible motor that makes it ideal for winter use.
  • 7,929 CFM of strong airflow.
  • UL Damp rating.
  • Adaptable 6 motor levels.


  • A bit expensive

Reiga 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a cheap ceiling fan for winter, Reiga 52 inch ceiling fan is the best choice.

Reiga ceiling fan is not as efficient when you compare it with Emerson ceiling fans but it is pretty efficient in terms of performance – it uses 35 watts of power and generates about 6477 CFM airflow and the ratio is around 185 as per CFM/watt.

It enables you to save some cost of electricity with its timer function, the timer function enables you to run the unit for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. There are 6 speed options which you can select from. It is also an ideal choice for damp locations because it contains moisture-proof blades.

Now, this is not a too expensive ceiling fan. Reiga fan does not have some necessary hardware including electrical caps, crimpers or batteries for the remote control. The guidance is also so badly composed and also poorly translated into English.

Having said that, the buyers have highly rated this fan and keeping in view the cost, the disadvantages are not very critical.

Reiga Ceiling Fan Specifications

Motor6-Speed Reversible DC Motor
Winter UseYes
Air Flow6477 Cubic Feet  per Minute
LightYes, uses 12 Watts
FinishBright White
ListingsDry or Damp rate
Number of BladesThree
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Motor Warranty


  • Ideal for winter use.
  • Not too costly.
  • Generates 6,477 CFM airflow.
  • Fairly efficient.
  • Can be installed in damp locations.
  • Has a timing/timer function.
  • An LED Light kit is integrated with 3 color temperature modes.

Not Good

  • Batteries are not included for remote.
  • Some minor hardware like caps or crimpers are also not included.
  • Poorly written instructions.

Quorum 72” Windmill Ceiling Fan

If you give preference to some aesthetics whenever you want to purchase a ceiling fan then this 72 inch windmill quorum fan will be an ideal choice for you. Here is a list of windmill style ceiling fans options for you.

This unit is efficient and powerful but the main feature to consider while purchasing it is its look. It contains a rustic design along with 15 blades to make it an attractive and beautiful ceiling fan.

Having said that, the plenty of blades does not mean it will be good for you because an increase in the number of blades means diminishing returns in terms of airflow as well as efficiency. In a nutshell, this unit is not suitable for you in terms of efficiency.

This 72 inch windmill ceiling fan provides 6486 CFM amount of air, uses more or less 34 watts of power and the rating of CFM/watt is 191. Having said that, this ceiling fan provides a light breeze in terms of performance that is quite weak as compared with Emerson Carrera ceiling fan. Keeping that in view, this is an ideal choice for you if you give preference to aesthetics as well as performance.

Quorum Windmill Fan Specifications

Motor33 Watts, 120 Volts, 6-Speed Reversible
Winter UseYes
Max Air Flow6,486 Cubic Feet per Minute
FinishOiled Bronze
RemoteCompatible sold separately
ListingsUL Dry or Damp
Number of Blades15


  • Reversible functionality.
  • Has a rustic design
  • Energy efficient.
  • Generates Airflow of 6,486 CFM.
  • UL Damp-rated.

Not Good

  • Very Costly.
  • Provides moderate breeze.

Monte Carlo Maverick 60” Ceiling Fan

It is a 60-inch ceiling fan by Monte Carlo which is highly efficient and can save a great amount of electricity in both summer as well as winter. It does not have high capacity as compared with Emerson Carrera fan but the efficiency is equal.

Monte Carlo Maverick ceiling fan provides 6687 CFM airflow and uses more or less 27 watts. The CFM/watt rating of this Monte Carlo maverick fan is 248. Apart from the rating, this unit has the ability to deliver strong breeze like Carrera fan by Emerson.

This 60 inch ceiling fan by Monte Carlo may not be as attractive as Quorum fan but the ceiling fan comes with a reasonable number of blades. In addition, the design of this fan is a little sleek that enabling it to fit in more spaces as compared with the quorum fan.

Monte Carlo Maverick Specifications

Motor27 Watts, 110 Volts, 6-Speed Reversible
Winter UseYes
Air Flow @ High6,687 Cubic Feet  per Minute
LightNot in package
FinishDark Walnut
ListingsUL Damp
Number of BladesThree
WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty on Motor


  • UL Damp rated.
  • Generates a good breeze.
  • Delivers 6,687 CFM airflow.
  • Very efficient.
  • Offer Reversible functionality.

Not Good

  • Costly.

Emerson Tilo Ceiling Fan

This is another unit by Emerson which is an ideal option if you are looking for a small fan for your smaller area and wants to cool it in summer and warm it in winter. This is not inexpensive and equipped with everything you need for small areas.

The span of the blade is only 30-inches that is why the airflow is also 2278 CFM. Having said that, the performance of this fan and air movement is extensive and it has the ability to provide solid breeze in spite of its low airflow.

This unit is not an ideal choice when it comes to deal with energy efficiency – it uses about 42 Watts of power but the fan has low air flow, featuring the efficiency of only 54 CFM per watt. For every watt it uses, the unit will generate less air than more powerful options.

Having said that, the fan comes with 4 speed levels to give you enough flexibility when you want to deal with efficiency as well as the performance.

Emerson Tilo Fan Specifications

Motor42 Watts, 110 Volts, 4 Reversible speed levels
Winter UseYes
Air Flow at Peak2,278 Cubic Feet  per Minute
LightYes, sold separately
FinishAppliance White
RemoteYes, wall control
ListingsUL Dry or Damp rated
Number of BladesThree
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Motor Warranty


  • Not very costly.
  • Ideal for smaller rooms.
  • Generates a solid breeze.
  • Low consumption of electricity.
  • Approved for damp areas.

Not Good

  • Not too much energy efficient.

Hunter Dempsey 44” Ceiling Fan

It is a 44 inch ceiling fan by Hunter that generates 3000 CFM airflow that is an ideal choice for medium rooms. In addition, the unit will perform better in 140 square feet rooms.

Hunter Dempsey ceiling fan consumes quite low power of about 43 to 44 watts. As it uses low electricity along with the airflow enables you to get 70 CFM per watt airflow efficiency which makes it capable of defeating the Emerson  Tilo ceiling fan in this list.

Dempsey by hunter comes with an integrated lighting fixture, uses 9.8 watts LED bulbs that make it an ideal choice for the places where you will install this fan. We have also written a detailed review on Hunter Dempsey fan model and you can go through the review in order to know about the performance of the unit.

We personally give preference to this hunter fan which is liked by the most customers.

Hunter Dempsey Fan Specifications

Motor44 Watts, 110 Volts, 3-Speed Reversible
Winter UseYes
Max Air Flow2,997 Cubic Feet per Minute
Lighting fixtureYes
FinishesFresh White/Blonde Oak MDF Blades
RatedUL Dry
Number of BladesThree
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty on Motor


  • Worth your investment.
  • Good for medium rooms.
  • Consumes low energy.
  • Integrated LED fixtures.

Not Good

  • Can be used indoors only.
  • Offer low efficiency.

Casablanca Wisp 52” Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Wisp ceiling fan can also be used in winter season if you only want to get the airflow rather than the energy efficiency. The unit generates more or less 5079 CFM of air flow along with the moderate breeze. Apart from that Casablanca Wisp fan comes with the decent airflow efficiency of about 78 CFM per watt.

Having said that, the electricity usage of this unit reached 65 watts while rotating at its maximum speed. It is comparatively high and if you give preference to electrical efficiency then you should not choose this fan and go for another fan from this list.

But when you have a look at the price tag, it is not very expensive and offers a good amount of air that is why it is a good option for you if you are looking for a budget price fan and cannot afford the price of electrical efficient fans.

Casablanca Wisp Fan Specifications

Motor65 Watts, 120 Volts, 4-Speed Reversible
Winter UseYes
Air Flow5079 Cubic Feet per Minute
Lighting fixtureYes
ListingsUL Dry
Number of BladesThree
WarrantyLifetime Motor Warranty, 1 year for replacement parts


  • Fairly cheap.
  • Generates 5,079 CFM of air.
  • Integrated 18W LED bulb.
  • Reversible functionality for both seasons.

Not Good

  • Designed For indoors only.
  • Uses up to 65 watts of power.

Honeywell Xerxes 62” Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Xerxes ceiling fan is one of the best-selling ceiling fans on Amazon and it can be a good choice for small rooms. It is also not very costly, uses an 18 watt LED dimmable lighting fixture that can lighten the small areas with its sleek design.

To learn more about this fan you need to check our detailed review of this unit here. The fan produces 911 CFM air flow and uses the electrical energy of 38 watts. This model offers airflow efficiency of more or less 24 CFM per watt. The airflow efficiency of this unit is pretty low but the best part is that the raw power consumption of the unit is around 38 watts.

The previous numbers show that this model will be an ideal choice for smaller rooms. Honeywell also shows the coverage of 400 square feet areas and larger but keeping in view the previous numbers, we can conclude that it will be suitable for 100 to 150 sq ft. It contains a reversible function that allows the motor to function as downdraft in summer and updraft in winter.

Honeywell Xerxes Fan Specifications

Motor38 Watts, 120 Volts, 3-Speed Reversible
Winter UseYes
Air Flow Max911 Cubic Feet per Minute
Light KitYes
FinishBrushed Nickel
RatedUL Dry
Number of BladesEight
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Motor Warranty, 1 year on parts


  • Not very costly.
  • Ideal choice for smaller areas.
  • Sleek Design.
  • Integrated 18W LED lighting.
  • Reversible feature.

Not Good

  • Designed only for indoor use.

Emerson Rah ECO 72” Ceiling Fan

Emerson rah Eco unit can be used as an alternative to Emerson Carrera fan if you are not satisfied with UL damp ratings. The lighting fixture comes with LED lights that generate 2400 lumens which can be good enough for areas of more or less 100 to 200 square feet. It is a good choice in terms of air flow generating 7407 CFM, uses about 33 watts of power and CFM per watt rating of 224.

After doing a research, we come to know that this unit generates moderate breeze due to its 72 inch blades so if you are looking to get more breeze you should consider shorter blades for this purpose. But shorter blades will also reduce the air flow as well. Rah Eco ceiling fan comes with an Ecomotor like Emerson Midway Eco Fan that has an adaptable motor speed offers increased durability, decreased noise level and great efficiency.

Emerson Rah Eco Specifications

Motor6-Reversible Speeds
Winter UseYes
Air Flow7,407 Cubic Feet per Minute
Light KitYes
FinishSunburst Walnut
RemoteWall control
RatedUL Dry
Number of BladesEight
WarrantyLifetime Motor Warranty


  • Integrated 30W LED array.
  • Generates 7,407 CFM of air.
  • Very efficient..

Not Good

  • Wall control is included.
  • Not designed for outdoor use.
  • Low breeze rating.
  • Costly.

Minka-Aire F684L-GI/BN Clean 60 Inch Ceiling Fan

This is the last ceiling fan in this list by Minka Aire that has the ability to generate highest air flow on the list. It delivers 10744 CFM which shows that it generates a lot of air flow which can be useful in both seasons. Minka Aire clean ceiling fan offers decent CFM per watt that is 189 CFM for each watt.

Having said that, the consumption of RAW power of this unit is about 57 watts. That is fairly high. Its high airflow capacity will enable you to save money in summer as well as in winter season.

This Minka Aire model is also designed with the 15 watt lighting fixture and it will allow you to save the headache of one light fixture in the area where you will install it.

Minka Aire Clean Fan Specifications

Motor6-Speed Reversible DC Motor
Winter UseYes
Max Air Flow10,744 Cubic Feet per Minute
Light kitYes
FinishGrey Iron
ListingsUL Dry
Number of BladesFive
WarrantyLifetime Motor Warranty


  • Delivers Airflow of 10,744 CFM.
  • Generates a lot of breeze.
  • Quite efficient.
  • Has an integrated 15W light.

Not Good

  • Not suitable for outdoors.
  • Uses 57 watts.

Final Words

We have reviewed all of the ceiling fans in a bird’s eye view manner. We did it so you can understand where you are going to spend your amount. If you want to purchase a ceiling fan that will work for all year round so you should not focus on only winter as we have already discussed above.

A unit which is good in summer will be useful in winter too. You should keep your needs and budget in your mind so that you can decide the best ceiling fan for winter use.

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