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Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii Ceiling Fan – Review – Manual

harbor breeze twin breeze ii ceiling fan

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii Ceiling Fan

No one ever spends enough time to think about the best ceiling fan because it is an important need for your home. The best-made ceiling fans come with a long life span and hardly needs any maintenance. To become worth buying, the ceiling fan needs to deliver sufficient airflow and it should be aesthetically pleasing, can be used in both seasons. It should serve airflow to the larger rooms too. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze II comes with these features. In addition, it is an award-winning double ceiling fan that offers beauty and a lifetime of durability. Harbor Breeze twin breeze ii ceiling fan also has a light kit. Go through the whole review of Harbor Breeze Twin breeze fan to consider should you buy it?

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-inch Ceiling Fan Review

When it comes to deal with both seasons, modern ceiling fans from a brand offer a reversible function that enables them to offer updraft airflow during winter and downdraft airflow during summer. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze II fan is one of them and has all these features, we have mentioned. Now we are going to discuss the main features of this ceiling fan one by one to understand them.


  • Stunning Design
  • 4450 CFM Airflow
  • 3-Speed Reversible Motor
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Number of blades = 6
  • Room Size
  • Cool, Bug- free
  • Easy- installation

Stunning Design

There is a great thing about buying this ceiling fan from Harbor Breeze that is, it has a stunning design with all the airflow and other performance one wishes for. It also has a connecting downrod of 4-inch that connects the ceiling fan firmly to the ceiling. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze II 74-inch ceiling fan comes in a bronze color with an oil-rubbed finish to offer a sleek appearance. This twin fans also has a light kit that comes with 2 light bulbs. Harbor Breeze twin breeze ii light kit offers Candelabra base E 12 bulbs that consume maximum energy of 120 watts. In addition, it is protected from bugs as well as from moisture with the help of frosted alabaster glass.

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Airflow is another feature to consider while buying a ceiling fan, the user wants the ceiling fan to generate efficient airflow. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze fan offers great airflow of 4450 CFM. If you are unsatisfied with the air of your existing ceiling fan, then you should buy this ceiling fan. The airflow this ceiling fan generates that is, 4450 CFM, it is great for large rooms. This 52-inch ceiling fan has the ability to provide airflow to large rooms and it saves you from the headache of installing another ceiling fan in your room. It cools down the whole space pretty well and pull chain is available to control the fan speed. This Harbor Breeze ceiling fan can be installed in extra large or XL Room of up to 400 sq. ft.

3-Speed Reversible Motor

The motor of the ceiling fan controls the power of rotating or running with speed control. It determines the airflow speed. This Harbor Breeze ceiling fan can perform in both locations indoor as well as outdoor. The AC motor offers 3-speed reversible feature that enable you to cool down as well as warm down the area. Even though Harbor breeze twin breeze ii ceiling fan comes with two fans but it does not consume more power that makes it energy efficient too. The reversible motor of the fan provides enough power to generate up to 4450 CFM airflow to give air circulation in a large room.

Energy Efficiency

This 74-inch ceiling fan is also energy efficient in power input and its consumption. This feature of fan enables it to cut down the electricity bills, it comes with a very efficient airflow of 57-CFM/Watt.

Number of blades

It features 6 blades and they are distributed in 3s for each of the fans of Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii. That is the reason it is named twin. Three blades on each side enable you to change the style without purchasing new blades. They offer oil rubbed bronze finish to offer elegant and sleek appearance.

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Room Size

It comes with a downrod and the complete size of the ceiling fan is 74-inch. The size of Harbor Breeze twin breeze li ceiling fan enables it to be fit in large rooms. This 74-inch ceiling fan is rated for indoors as well as for outdoors. Twin Breeze ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze can be mounted in bigger rooms that is, 440 square feet.

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Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii Light Kit

The light kit of Twin breeze is integrated in frosted glass to offer warm glow for the bedroom. This double ceiling fan with light also has bulbs included in the package. The maintenance of light kit is also easy and they are protected from bugs and moisture. Alabaster glass is available to protect the light kit and it can survive the low maintenance as well.

Easy installation

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii 74-inch ceiling fan manual is also available at the end of this post to allow you to make the installation easy. If you want to install Twin Breeze by yourself, you should install it by mounting the central portion attached to the main unit already.

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii Manual

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Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii Reviews

This award-winning double ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze has positive reviews on Amazon. It has 4.5 stars ratings out of 5 stars from 743 customers. After going through the review of the Harbor Breeze twin breeze ii fan, you will be able to make a decision of buying it with ease.


Specification NameValue
BrandHarbor Breeze
Product dimensions54 x 11.4 x 11.1 inches
Product weight28.8 pounds
Item model numberL0982
Batteries2 AAA batteries required
FinishOil Rubbed Bronze
Power SourceAC
Type of Bulbincandescent
Air Flow Capacity4450 CFM

Main HIGHLIGHTERS of Twin Breeze II

  • Comes with a lifetime of durability
  • Available in Oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Ideal for extra-large rooms
  • Light kit is integrated


  • It can be used in extra large room that is, 400 square feet in area.
  • Twin Breeze has a frosted alabaster glass protects the light kit.


  • There is no remote control with Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii Ceiling Fan. (Remote Control can be sold separately)

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Final words

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii review has illustrated all the important factors and features in terms of its style, design and utility. Its wicker blades are wide enough to enhance the airflow in any room and make it an ideal ceiling fan for large and extra-large rooms. Due to its large blades, it generates a great airflow and it is award-winning ceiling fan.

Apart from the design and style, Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze ii also features airflow of up to 4450 CFM, if your existing ceiling fan is not creating such amount of air, get this one for your place.

The dimensions of the fan are 54 x 11.4 x 11.1 and are made in such a manner that attracts the users with its aesthetically pleasing looks. Harbor Breeze 74-inch ceiling fan has wide wicker blades to give stylish looks and ideal for outdoor space and generates sufficient airflow for them regardless of the position. The downrod of 4-inch connects the fan to the ceiling firmly. It is an ideal choice for rooms that are more or less 400 square feet. Ac motor offers a 3-speed reversible feature to enable it to provide cool and warm air without extra effort. The cool and warm air is just one button away.
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